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It was in December, 2008 when I  zapped through the television channels. Suddenly a face with a warmhearted and good-natured expression looked at me from the television. It was a Siberian husky! I put aside the remote control and had a look at the feature up to the end. At the end of the film I touched without long to hesitate the decision, to look at these amusing animals at close range.


Thanks to the Internet's I reached the side of a husky breeding, called: "Black Dream Wolves" after a short telephone call, I got on the way to have a look at this breeding more exactly.


Actually, I wanted to experience this race only once very closely and thought yet of not getting a puppy in the house in it at that time. After long, detailed, informative talks with the breeder I came to divide my life in future with a Siberian husky for the decision.


As it the chance wanted in such a way, there was at that time still a 6 weeks old puppy. Because this was the image of his father, the breeder had held back him very long for the right place. Because she wanted to see this dog with pleasure during the show - and sports area. I got her trust and Hot Snowfire became my life companion whom I christened Kimo. up to now I have regretted no day this spontaneous decision. Although you must put in the first years a lot of time in the education - and connection work with a Siberian, it is worthwhile. Or just, therefore?


Since thereby he became a wonderful family - and sports dog , all neighbours love it and no flat facilities etc. destroys like one can read on so many Internet sites. However, in addition a well-balanced, affectionate , but logical education is necessary in any case, which may not be based on excessive severity, or even power,. Should one feel not able in addition alone, one may not avoid to fall back when required on professional help. Also I have taken up such one support and herewith would like to thank particularly Heidi Larcher and Ursula Schwarz.


I would like to lay at this point to each itself for a Siberian husky decides, to the heart that he exactly consults before the acquisition. This please only with a serious breeder as for example "Kennel of Black Dream Wolves"


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